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Services for the Home Care Sector

Packages, Short Term Restorative Care, and Direct Services for Individuals

As an outsourced health service provider, our accredited staff travel to our clients to deliver quality allied health support direct to individuals in the comfort of their homes. With experienced aged care physiotherapists, occupational therapists, podiatrists and other allied health professionals on our team, we provide the support you need to deliver the highest level of patient care, at home.

We partner with short term restorative care and home care package providers to deliver allied health services to clients, as well as delivering services direct to individuals who are living independently. In-demand areas of support include:

Home Care Packages (HCP) are provided by the Australian Government to support older Australians to access affordable care at home. There are different levels of home care packages available depending on your needs and eligibility. You register at myagedcare.gov.au. If you are eligible, the government pays your service provider a subsidy to arrange a package of care services for you.

Aged Care Residential Services (ACRS) provides Home Care Package support within home care environments. As a mobile allied health provider, we deliver the health support services you need, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Our approach

At ACRS, our team plays a very important role to develop an individualised treatment plan based on your personal goals.

They assess you and then build a network of the different health services, following a client-centred approach. The emphasis is on ongoing collaboration between all key stakeholders in the client’s care.

ACRS’s ‘reablement’ therapy program aims to assist people to regain independence after a setback. This might include after a hospital admission, injury or fall. We use a rehabilitation-focussed approach to help you build your health and wellbeing so you can live as independently as possible.

Home care therapy

The in-home therapy services we deliver include:

Focus treatment areas

Some of the services we focus on include:

Conditions we are experienced in

Our allied health professionals have experience with treating many conditions including:

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Short term restorative care services helps patients restore their physical health and independence after surgery or ill health as a result of complex or chronic health conditions. These services often follow formal rehabilitation programs. Restorative care is designed to improve mobility, independence and quality of life for people living with a disabling medical condition.

At ACRS, our short term restorative care services help patients develop or regain the skills and confidence required for greater function. They may require mobile physiotherapy, a visiting podiatrist, occupational therapy or other convenient services to get them back on the pathway to improved health and comfort.

The restorative care program takes an individualised approach for each patien.This involves assessment, goal setting and a plan for getting there. Our multi-disciplinary team can deliver targeted care programs in all residential care and home care settings.

Focus treatments for short term restorative care

Some of the services we focus on include:

Conditions we are experienced in

We are experienced in treating conditions including:

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Do you need to find qualified and caring health professionals to support your loved one in home based care? At Aged Care Rehabilitation Services (ACRS), we support those living independently by offering qualified and caring physiotherapists, occupational therapists, podiatrists and other skilled health providers to provide direct services for individuals in their own homes.

Whether your loved one needs assistance with rehabilitation, exercise therapy, musculoskeletal conditions or support to achieve their daily goals, ACRS can assist by visiting patients within their own home. Our tailored, individual care assures they are getting the support they need with our team of flexible, convenient and fully qualified mobile allied health providers.

Focus treatment areas

Some of the treatment areas we can provide directly to seniors in their own homes include:


We are experienced in treating many conditions including:

Contact us about direct services for individuals from ACRS’s registered allied health providers.

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We founded ACRS with a vision to provide Australian seniors within Perth metropolitan areas a much needed, effective, rehabilitation focussed and affordable Physiotherapy and Allied Health Services within a residential aged care facility and at their own homes. We are proudly Western Australian-based, delivering local aged care health services directly into our community.

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