Fine Motor Skills

Maintaining Fine Motor Skills in Older People

Fine motor skills are the ability to control the small movements of the hands and fingers, wrists, hands, fingers, feet and toes. Strokes, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and other health issues, along with general decline, may result in a loss of fine coordination and dexterity in individuals.

Fortunately, fine motor skills can be restored with a therapeutic approach. Helping seniors maintain their fine motor supports them to remain as independent and engaged as possible.

Occupational Therapy supports fine motor skills rehabilitation as well as overall wellbeing with programs that make completing daily tasks easier. OT that focusses on fine motor activities can help improve dexterity, strength and range of motion in older people.

Occupational therapy activities

Some of the activities used by Occupational Therapists to support and restore control over fine movements include:

  • hand therapy
  • craft using small items and tools such as scissors
  • tabletop games
  • sorting items
  • playing an instrument
  • gardening
  • buttoning and unbuttoning

Hand and arm exercises, control exercises and task-specific training exercises can be part of the therapeutic approach to restore fine motor control.

Fine motor skills activities in occupational therapy

ACRS and fine motor skill rehabilitation

Our Occupational Therapy team at ACRS is experienced in designing therapeutic programs to restore and support dexterity over fine movements in seniors. 

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