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We offer treatments for a range of common neuro-rehabilitation situations

Neurological conditions, a complex and sensitive aspect of aged care support, can see progressive decline in a person’s functioning and requires a dedicated approach from health care professionals and carers.

At ACRS, we provide treatments to address neuro-rehabilitation — the process of assessing and treating people with disorders of the central nervous system that affect the brain, spinal cord and nerves. Some of the conditions that are addressed with neuro-rehabilitation include:

Neurological rehabilitation is aimed at restoring function to seniors to help them be more independent and enjoy better quality of life, improving many areas including balance, strength, cognition and confidence.  It can involve the design of individualised exercise programs, advice on assistive technologies prescribed by an Occupational Therapist,  manual therapy delivered by a Physiotherapist, and other modes of allied health therapy

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We founded ACRS with a vision to provide Australian seniors within Perth metropolitan areas a much needed, effective, rehabilitation focussed and affordable Physiotherapy and Allied Health Services within a residential aged care facility and at their own homes. We are proudly Western Australian-based, delivering local aged care health services directly into our community.

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