Social Interaction

Maintaining good mental health, reducing stress and slowing cognitive decline.

Loneliness, isolation, and depression are recognised issues for our senior population in Australia and much of the world. Social interaction, or connectedness, plays an important role in maintaining good mental health while also having physical health benefits by reducing stress and slowing cognitive decline.

Some ways to support social interaction in an aged care environment include:

  • group social activities such as book clubs
  • group exercise programs such as dance programs
  • shared classes such as cooking or gardening
  • charitable work or volunteering such as putting together care packages
  • facilitating welcoming, shared environments such as common rooms

When supporting seniors living independently in their own homes, it is also important to ensure they are not isolated from others, particularly if they have experienced a loss of independence through illness or injury. Providing suitable opportunities for older people to have social interaction, assisting with practical support such as transport and encouraging participation can help improve connectedness.

Social interaction is essential for senior wellbeing

ACRS and social interaction rehabilitation

Our Occupational Therapy team at ACRS is experienced in creating suitable activities that support and encourage social interaction to support the overall wellbeing of older people. Contact us to discuss a program that would suit your needs.

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