Improving mental wellbeing and social engagement as well as fitness in seniors.

A recent study by Edith Cowan University showed that tailored exercise programs led by accredited exercise physiologists improve mental wellbeing and social engagement as well as fitness in seniors.

It is understood that as people age, activity levels can decrease significantly. This leads to loss of muscle mass, reduced cardiovascular capacity and other negative outcomes. Regular, managed activity can help support a wellness and prevention approach to senior health.

Exercise therapy for seniors

An exercise program designed by allied health professionals for older people can have many benefits including:

  • increasing overall fitness
  • improved bone density and muscle mass
  • better balance
  • increased strength
  • greater flexibility and joint mobility
  • more motivation
  • psychosocial benefits

Engaging in regular physical activity helps make important improvements to strength and mobility in older people. It can also provide a natural mood boost and social connection opportunity. Regular exertion is also an important factor in reducing the risk of disability and chronic disease in seniors.

Aged care exercise programs

Tailored one-on-one or group sessions can be designed to fit the needs of aged care residents as well as seniors living independently.  Training regimens can be used in a preventative capacity to improve the overall health and wellbeing of seniors, as well as playing an important part in post operative rehabilitation programs.

Excercise for seniors

ACRS physical activity programs for aged care

Our physiotherapists and occpational therapists offer carefully designed, safe and enjoyable movement programs for older people to improve their wellbeing. We can offer individualised therapy developed as part of a preventative care plan or rehabilitation program, as well as enjoyable group programs that make exercising a social occasion.

By choosing a physiotherapist-led program, you can ensure exercise programs are appropriate and safe for different levels of ability.

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