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We travel to your facility to deliver high quality allied health services to nursing homes.

Aged Care Rehabilitation Services (ACRS) partners with nursing homes and other residential aged care facilities as a private provider of allied health support services to seniors. We travel to your facility wherever you are in Perth to deliver high quality services, with a focus on rehabilitation, to your nursing home residents.

Outsourcing your nursing home’s specialist health support requirements allows you to deliver high quality services from allied health professionals with a particular interest in senior care. In addition, it removes the need and cost of managing extra specialist employees at your nursing home, as we provide the resources of our highly experienced and professional team.

At ACRS, we have extensive experience in delivering a wide range of allied healthcare services to nursing homes and seniors in Western Australia. With accredited physiotherapists, occupational therapists, podiatrists and other specialist health professionals on our team, we are ready to support your senior assisted living facility with outsourced quality allied health care.

Conditions we are experienced in

Our allied health professionals have experience with many conditions including:

Focus treatment areas

Some of the services we focus on include:

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Other Residential Aged Care Services

Aged Care Funding

The Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI)

The Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) is used to measure the level of care each aged care resident needs to allocate an Australian Government subsidy to providers to care for the residents in areas including Activities of Daily Living, Behaviour and Complex Health Care. 

It is considered an essential funding tool to help deliver the highest quality aged care. ACRS can help your facility maximise your government funding to provide the best quality allied health aged care services, delivering quality of life for your residents.

What is the ACFI?

The Australian Government subsidises a large proportion of the costs of running approved residential aged care homes. The amount of subsidy paid is based on your assessments of the residents’ ongoing care needs.


How does the ACFI work?

The ACFI consists of 12 questions about a resident’s assessed care needs, and two diagnostic sections. Needs are classified under the 3 funding domains of:

  • activities of daily living (ADL)
  • behaviour (BEH)
  • complex health care (CHC)

Pain Management

Chronic Pain in Residential Aged Care

Chronic pain in residential aged care patients is a significant health issue which can severely impact quality of life.  

Our qualified allied healthcare providers are experienced at managing pain through evidence-based practices which can decrease discomfort and distress and improve physical and mental wellbeing for residents. 

 Our providers develop evidence-based care plans to manage chronic pain, including in patients with dementia, brain damage, or a brain injury. 

Manual Handling

Manual Handling Training

Manual handling training helps your residential care team safely assist your patients, while preventing injuries to themselves and your residents. 

Our physiotherapists can deliver dedicated manual handling training for aged care to your team, helping them learn essential skills for manual handling, through a combination of theory and practice. 

This is highly recommended training to reduce risk and prevent injuries in your aged care facility.

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We founded ACRS with a vision to provide Australian seniors within Perth metropolitan areas a much needed, effective, rehabilitation focussed and affordable Physiotherapy and Allied Health Services within a residential aged care facility and at their own homes. We are proudly Western Australian-based, delivering local aged care health services directly into our community.

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