Pain Management

Pain is a significant health issue which can severely impact quality of life.

Pain is a significant health issue which can severely impact quality of life.  Pain management can decrease discomfort and distress and improve physical and mental wellbeing for individuals suffering from both chronic and acute pain.

Allied health support for pain management

Our allied health professionals develop evidence-based care plans to manage chronic pain, including in patients with chronic health conditions, dementia and brain and spinal cord injuries.

Physiotherapists can address pain with manual therapy including massage and manipulation of joints and muscles, advise on posture and exercises which may relieve pain, and may use treatments and therapeutic equipment to ease muscle and joint pain.

Occupational therapists provide advice to help modify environments and daily activities to reduce pain and allow older people to live with more independence.

Podiatrists address pain in the lower limbs and feet with a variety of foot care advice and information including management and treatment of skin and nail disorders including in-grown toenails, corns and calluses.  They also provide footwear advice and prescription, including orthotics.

Pain management in aged care

How ACRS can help with pain managment

At ACRS, our qualified allied health professionals work with individuals and teams to devise and deliver evidence-based pain management treatments and care plan for seniors.

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